Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April Art Club Projects

I have felt badly that I seem to get lots of photos of our Sewing Club projects and hardly any of our Art Club projects.  Today I made a concerted effort to take as many photos of our projects as possible.  So glad I  did too, because (as usual) the kids' artwork was AWESOME!!

Perhaps my favorite project of the day was our "Tree Triptych" project.  Maybe I loved it so much because I came up with the idea!!  First of all, I talked to the kids about what a triptych is in art.  SEE HERE to read more about this yourself.  Quite a while back I had pinned this graphic (scroll down to see the tree graphic) with a variety of different trees, thinking I could use it somehow someday. I taped a copy of the graphic to the wall above the work station.  The kids then drew three different trees on each of three white rectangles using a fine-tipped black permanent marker.  They then added details with green and brown colored pencils.  Then they glued the three trees onto a piece of green scrapbook paper and glued that onto a piece of brown construction paper.  I love how these turned out!!

One project we did was "Plants in a Jar" inspired by THIS POST at Art Projects for Kids.  I thought the kids did a great job, and their jars turned out great.  Each one was unique; some had flowers, some vegetables; there were some with bugs and even worms in the dirt.  Here are some photos of the finished paintings that I was photograph. 

One of today's projects was "Rizzi Birds" inspired by THIS POST at Deep Space Sparkle.  I also found this variation of the project at  Holly's Art Corner and loved that it would make a perfect gift for Mother's Day with a mama and baby bird.  Before we started our work, I told the kiddos a bit about James Rizzi and his art.  We looked at the following two photos of some of his super-cool projects.  HERE is the source for the two photos below.

Following are photos of our Rizzi birds.  I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!

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