Piano Instruction

I believe piano lessons should be fun!!  However, a good curriculum is also important.  I will personally select piano books for each student that I believe are a "good fit" for that particular child.  This may mean that siblings starting together are placed in different materials.  Each child will have a lesson book, a theory book, and one or two additional solo or performance books.  In addition, parents should provide a blank notebook for each student.  Each week, I will write the child's home assignments in their notebook. 

In addition to the selected curriculum, your child will be able to participate in games during their lesson which will be fun as well as skill-enhancing.  From time to time, I will post photos and descriptions of these games on the blog so you can see what additional materials your child is using.


Piano lessons are offered at $12 per 30 minute lesson.  Payment at the beginning of each month is preferred.

In addition to tuition, parents are required to purchase lesson books.  As mentioned above, I will purchase the books and present parents with a receipt for reimbursement.

Because I have room for only a small number of students, it is important that you make every effort possible to have your child attend each scheduled lesson and to arrive and pick up on time.  If a child has to miss a lesson due to illness, I will try to offer a make-up lesson at a time that works for both of us.

If children participate in piano contests and festivals throughout the year, parents will also be responsible for paying their child's registration fee.  Please know that participation is voluntary, not required.

Wondering if your child is ready to start formal lessons?  Check out this blog post with my thoughts about that topic.