Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February Advanced Sewing Club

We had a great time today making fabulous Valentine's-themed projects in Advanced Sewing Club.  Last month's hoop project was such a hit that I decided to do another hoop project this month.  HERE is a link to my inspiration for this project.  I really loved the white flowers on the red background.  So striking for Valentine's Day.  Making the yo-yos and learning the backstitch to make the stems for this project were new skills for the girls and they learned very quickly!  I was so impressed with how well they did with this project.  Their flower hoops turned out great!

We also made little pocket pillows with a heart pocket where they can hide a "love" note to someone.  They used a running stitch to attach a felt heart, then continued with the running stitch to sewing the front and back together, wrong sides together.  I decided to have them sew wrong sides together to ensure a nice round pillow.  I have found that sewing with an internal seam (right sides together), you sometimes end up with a pillow that is a bit misshapen due to the spot where the opening is sewn shut.  Does that make sense?

February Beginner Sewing Club

This is a week late in posting as we met for February Sewing Club one week ago.  OOPS!

We made a couple of really cute projects and I was very happy with how the kids did.  For a Valentine's Day nod, we made little heart pouches.  I provided Starburst candies to tuck inside.  One little sewing clubber accurately observed that the heart "vomits" out the Starburst.  Yep, I have boys in Sewing Club this semester.  Four boys to be exact.........four silly second grade boys.  They are SO much louder than the girls.  It's quite amusing.   HERE is a link to the inspiration for the heart pouches.

We also made pillows.  We sewed them right sides together which baffled the minds of a few of them (my son included) who could not believe that we weren't doing it backwards!  Now they know that sewing right sides together allows the seam to be on the inside!!  To make these, I just traced around a plate to make two circles.  No need for a pattern for a project this simple.  They sure do love using stuffing though!  They were surprised when I kept having them put in more stuffing.  I like a nice plump pillow.  No wimpy pillows for this girl.

Here's a gallery of our creations: