Thursday, June 30, 2011

Welcome to Walnut Hill Studio!!

Hello!!  Welcome to Walnut Hill Studio!  I am excited to begin a new chapter of life as a stay-at-home mama to my two young sons.  I've wanted to stay home for 10 years (my oldest son is almost 10), and am finally taking the plunge.  I have resigned from the best job I ever had as the director and head teacher of our local Montessori preschool.  Since school let out for summer vacation, I've been busy taking Kindermusik training and making lots of changes and rearranges in my basement to turn it into a home music studio where I will offer Kindermusik classes, piano lessons, and private tutoring.  This will allow me to make some income for our family while being the stay-at-home mommy I've always wanted to be.  I look forward to many new adventures.  Also........I finally figured out how to add pages to my blog, so you can click on the tabs above to learn more about me, Kindermusik, piano lessons, tutoring, and the studio.  Who knew it could be as easy as Googling "how to add pages to your Blogger blog"?  Three minutes and one YouTube video later and I was off and running adding pages galore.  I love the page tabs.  They make it so much easier to navigate the content, dontcha think?  Wow!  I haven't stayed up this late for a LONG time.  Time to wrap it up and go to bed (actually, I am typing this while in bed, but that doesn't count!).  One last thing.......I finally bit the bullet and started a Facebook page.  Before you get too excited, it's a PAGE, not a PROFILE.  Big difference, according to Amber.  She is trying to convince me to do a Profile, but I'm just not ready yet.  Gotta dip my toes in the water before I take the big plunge.  Nite-nite!!