Thursday, May 16, 2013

May Sewing Club Projects: Mother's Day Gifts

This month I had both the Beginner and Advanced Sewing Clubs make the same project.  We also just made one project instead of two.  They rarely have time to finish two projects at sewing club, and I wanted them to be able to have time to wrap their gift and make a handmade card to go with it.  Even with only one project, both our sewing clubs ran late this month.  I think it was worth it, however, because I've heard from a few moms that they really loved the gifts.

To prep for the project, I cut circles (two sizes), hearts (two sizes) and stems and leaves from craft felt.  The kids were able to then pick which combo of colors and shapes they wanted to use for their flower.  They sewed the flower together first, with a button in the center.  Then they sewed the stem and leaves onto the background fabric (blue cotton).  Next, they sewed their flower onto the background fabric, overlapping it a bit with the stem.  The final step was to sew the two "pillow pieces" together and stuff it.  Then we wrapped their gifts in tissue paper and tied them with curling ribbon.  They each made a special card to attach to the gift.  I thought their pillows turned out SO cute.  I tried to get photos of all of them, but I may have missed a few here and there.  Scroll down to see all the finished pillows from both groups.


  1. I love love love my pillow from Sawyer; I do believe most of my joy comes from the enthusiasm he has for his work. Thanks for what you do for our kids!

  2. Thanks, Stephanie! You are the first person to leave a comment on this blog!! It means a lot. I love seeing their enthusiasm for their work too!